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Technological improvements

Where your electronic options are not impossible.

Whether it wasn’t available at the time you ordered the vehicle or you just acquired a preowned vehicle Technicar can help you outfit the vehicle to you exact taste and needs.  We work at an OEM level which means that the bare minimum of our personal standard is of manufacture quality, very often we exceed the manufactures standards in some of the world’s most opulent vehicles.  We use original equipment whenever available and we take pride in our ability to code vehicles as needed without dealership involvement. If the manufacture does not offer an option that satisfies your request we offer a tremendous amount of aftermarket alternatives. That being said we do work very closely with a rather large dealer network (and have been for almost a decade) providing them with various items for vehicles that they sell/service to satisfy their customers’ needs/wants.

We offer all sorts of electronics options and upgrades for our clients. We categorize them into two major groups:


This includes but not limited to blind spot detection systems, parking sensors, front/rear/surround view camera systems, forward collision avoidance system, dash cams and many others.


Even the most well equipped vehicle can use a few more items, such as Radar/Laser counter measure systems of varying degrees of protection, satellite radio integration, Bluetooth audio streaming, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto, in car Wi-fi.

We take a great deal of pride in our work.  We service clients/vehicles within South Florida and throughout the entire state of Florida as well as outfit and maintain various vehicle collections/clients all over the country.  Allow us the opportunity to tend to the precious metal in your garage with the same care and attention.

As of May 2018 rearview cameras are federally mandated for all vehicles produced to be sold in the US.

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