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Power enhancements

Increase horsepower and torque without parting with reliability.

Technicar offers an exclusive line of professional tuning products to maximize your vehicles performance. Our curated collection from the world’s most exclusive tuners will integrate harmoniously with your vehicles factory systems and electronics. Our performance products offer quicker throttle response, improved handling, more horsepower and increased torque across the vehicles entire power band. From engine computer tuning, to performance exhaust systems; we have what you need to pull away from the crowd. Let Technicar unlock your vehicles true potential all without sacrificing daily driver reliability, comfort or piece of mind.

The two most common forms of performance enhancements are software tuning and bolt on components.

Software tuning

This is typically done by either upgrading the existing ECU in the vehicle or using an add-on engine management unit (piggyback). The benefit of the ECU is that the vehicle gets to physically look stock in the engine compartment. The add-on system adjusts the sensor signals in real time to increase the performance output. The add-on system allows the vehicle to be reverted back to stock at any time relatively easily.

Bolt on components

These are items like exhaust systems, air intakes, headers/downpipes and blow off valves (Turbo charged vehicles). They can add performance without altering the internals of the engine. Most commonly they better control the airflow in/out of the engine to enhance power.

Performance cars have evolved from steel tubular frames to carbon fiber monocoque chassis, allowing manufactures to reach greater speeds much safer than ever before.

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