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Cosmetic upgrades

Style is about more than good looks.

When it comes to aesthetics Technicar can help you express yourself through your vehicle in just about any way that you want.  We are very selective when it comes to companies that offer cosmetic items; we need to know that the product quality and the finish will be as seamless as possible.  We proudly offer products from Manufactures like Mansory, Renntech, TechArt, Hamann, Brabus and many others.

One area that we stand out is putting in the extra time and care to ensure proper fit and finish of all components for a superior end result.  Adding personal touches to a vehicle help to truly make it your own. Let us help make your car as unique as you are.

Every vehicle offers two areas for bespoke personalization, the interior and exterior.


For most people the interior of their car is a very personal space. We can help you craft that space into whatever your heart desires. Is the leather not supple enough or is Alcantara more your preference? Would you like a vibrant contrast stitch to make the interior pop or create more definition within the interior? Did the vehicle have wood interior and you prefer carbon fiber or vice versa? No matter where you’re starting from we can get you where you want to be.


Every auto manufacture on the planet will tell you that the exterior design of your car is a statement. We specialize in taking the manufactures statement and rewriting it with your twist. You can make your statement very subtle, perhaps a unique exterior color (paint or wrap options available). You can go bold with a complete wide body kit. For most people, somewhere in between is where their statement lies. No matter what your statement is we offer assistance, if you love the color and want to keep it looking that exquisite for as long as possible we can wrap as little or as much of the exterior in paint protection film (clearbra). If you want to dial it up just a bit higher we offer wheel and tire options or maybe a rear spoiler does the trick. Just maybe a combination of a few of these make the statement you are looking for.

Modern vehicle styling/design is done almost entirely by computer aided drawing (CAD) design and commonly utilize 3D printing to prototype ideas

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